MAINE'S renowed and well documented tradition of shipbuilding has eclipsed its less glamourous sibling: boat repair. Any boat owner can safely guess that the tradition of boat upkeep began long before the first keel was ever laid on these shores. While some Native Americans were feasting on oysters and clams, others were undoubtedly working more pitch into the seams of their canoes. When the early fishermen out on Damariscove weren't fishing, you can bet they were fixing.
You won't find much about Maine boat repair in the history books, but the evidence is here, right on our shores, hard at work. Maine has some of the most professional and skilled boat people in the country, if not the world. And when you find them, they'll probably have grease on their faces or bottom paint on their forearms or dust in their hair. They are the people that keep the boats floating, the engines purring, the rigging standing, and the grace gleaming. These resource pages are dedicated to them.

The following boatyards and repairers offer boat hauling and storage, and rigging, engine and hull repairs. See index to the left for other specialists.

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Piscataqua River
Dions Yacht Yard
48 Bowen Rd.
Kittery, ME 03904
Ch. 08; 207-439-9582
Dion’s is a full-service boatyard on the shores of Kittery's Back Channel. They work in wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel for repairs of all kinds. The marine railway can handle craft up to 80 tons, and they can transport boats up to 55 feet overland by hydraulic trailer. They have water, pump-outs, showers, ice, and a well-supplied marine store, but no fuel.
Dions Yacht Yard

George A. Patten Yacht Yard
167 1/2 Main Street
Elliot, ME 03903
Ch. 16, 68; 207-439-3967

This major repair facility is located about 1.5 miles above the I-95 bridge in Great Cove in the town of Elliot. They haul by hydraulic trailer and can perform repairs of all kinds.
© Maine Coast Guide George A. Patten Yacht Yard
Great Bay Marine, Inc.
Fox Point Rd.
Newington, NH 03801
Great Bay Marine is a large and well-equipped marina lying in Newington on the north side of Fox Point in Great Bay. Facilities include moorings, deep-water slips, water, electricity, gas, diesel, and ice as well as pump-out, a well-stocked marine store, and showers. The yard hauls with a 35-ton boatlift and can handle a wide range of hull and engine repairs.
© The Maine Coast Guide Great Bay Marine, Inc.
Action Marine Services Inc
32 Dow Hwy
Eliot, ME 03903
© The Maine Coast Guide Action Marine Services Inc
C & L Enterprises
44 Cedar Rd
Eliot, ME 03903
C & L Enterprises
Clark Marine
RR 91
South Berwick, ME 03908
Clark Marine
York Harbor Marine Service
York Harbor
York Harbor Marine Service
P.O. Box 578, Route 103
York Harbor, ME 03911
Ch. 09, 16; 207-363-3602
Once past the narrows, York Harbor Marine is on the left, on Harris Island. They can provide transient dock space for lengths to 100 feet, with 6 feet of depth at low. Gas, diesel, water, and electricity to 50 amps are available on the docks. A ship’s store and parts for Johnson and Honda outboards are ashore. They can handle most boat and engine repairs, hauling with a 60-ton marine railway or a hydraulic trailer. Pump-out service is planned in conjunction with the town. York Harbor Marine has showers and laundry machines ashore.
Wells Harbor
Webhannet River Boatyard
P.O. Box 1356
Wells, ME 04090
This full-service facility specializes in woodwork but can haul you with their hydraulic trailer and perform repairs of all kinds to hull, rig, or mechanical systems. They pump gas and diesel and have ice, a ship’s store, and a bait and tackle shop. The Webhannet River Boatyard has three rental moorings.
Kennebunk River

Chick’s Marina
Ocean Ave.
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
Ch. 09, 68; 207-967-2782

Chick’s is the largest marina on the river. The docks have 6 feet of water at low, and they can accommodate boats of well over a hundred feet if you should be so lucky. They pump gas and diesel (you might not be so lucky after all) and have water, electricity, pump-outs, and a marine store. Showers, laundry, and a pay phone are ashore. Chick’s hauls boats by hydraulic trailer and can perform engine and hull repairs.
© Maine Coast Guide Chick’s Marina
Performance Marine
P.O. Box 1039
Rt 9 Lower Village
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Ch. 09, 16; 207-967-5550
Performance Marine is a true repair yard that makes no pretensions of being a spit-shined marina. They specialize in stainless steel fabrication, welding, and engine and hull repairs. This is the place a lobsterman comes when he needs a new exhaust system, or the yachtsman when he has charted a new rock with his keel. They haul boats with a boatlift and a 10-ton crane and will stretch their schedules to accommodate transients in need of repairs. They rent several moorings and slips to transients if they are available, but dockage, except for several sightseeing boats, is not really their business. They pump diesel and gas and have water and ice. Pump-outs are planned.
© Maine Coast Guide Performance Marine
Mobile Marine Service, Inc.
18 Log Cabin Rd
PO Box 2751
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
© Maine Coast Guide Mobile Marine Service, Inc.
George Tufts Boat Repair
130 Campground Rd
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
Saco River

Rumery’s Boat Yard
P.O. Box L
109 Cleaves Street
Biddeford, ME 04005
Ch. 09, 16, 68; 207-282-0408

Rumery’s Boat Yard is a real Maine boatyard in the heart of the hard-working town of Biddeford. They may have a mooring or be able to put you on the dock, with water and 16 feet of depth. A chandlery and a shower are ashore. Under the new ownership of Ethan Cook, they are attracting some of the finest boat craftsmen anywhere who can perform all types of hull, engine, rigging, or electrical repairs. They’ve developed a following among owners of Concordia yawls and a reputation for their gorgeous glass version of Nathaniel Herreshoff's Alerion sloop. Recently they introduced a new line of custom trawlers based on a lobsterboat hull.
© Maine Coast Guide Rumery’s Boat Yard
Bastille Boatworks
15 North Ave
Camp Ellis
Saco, ME 04072
© Maine Coast Guide Bastille Boatworks
Bill's All Marine
757 Portland Road
Saco, ME 04072
Hurricane Marine
512 Back Road
Shapleigh, ME 04076
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Portland Harbor
Portland Yacht Services
58 Fore St.
Portland, ME 04101
Ch. 09, 16; 207-774-1067
The expanding facilities of PYS lie at the eastern end of Portland Harbor, directly below the Portland Observatory up on the hill. The moorings and docks at PYS have considerable exposure, but they are within walking distance of downtown Portland. The 18 moorings are massive, 4000-pounders. The floats,with water and pump-outs, can accommodate vessels to 120 feet with depths to 20 feet. PYS handles major restoration and repair projects to wood and glass boats, including hull, engine, outboard, rigging, and electrical work, and they have an extensive engine parts department. The yard is also home to the intriguing Maine Narrow Gauge Railway Museum and, in March, the astounding Maine Boatbuilders Show.
© Maine Coast Guide Portland Yacht Services
Gowen Marine
400 Commercial St.
Portland, ME 04101
Ch. 09, 16; 207-773-1761
Portland’s Fish Pier is identifiable by a large beige metal building on the Portland side of the harbor and by all the fishing boats docked to the west of it. Gowen’s, further to the west, was once a shipyard, but now caters to recreational boats as well as commercial. They haul everything from trawlers and Casco Bay Lines ferries to yachts of all sizes with their huge 150-ton boatlift. Hull, engine, and electrical repairs can be done by the yard or on a do-it-yourself basis.
© Maine Coast Guide Gowen Marine
Port Harbor Marine
1 Spring Point Drive
South Portland, ME 04106
Port Harbor Marine and Spring Point Marina is the first marina to port as you enter Portland Harbor, just before the large oil tankers’ wharf. They have slip space for transients, but no moorings. The fuel dock has 9 feet at low, gas, diesel, water and ice, and a sewage pump-out. The marina has a 35-ton boatlift and can perform hull, engine, rig, and electrical repairs. Ashore there is also a well-stocked ships store, a canvas shop, laundry facilities, and showers.
© Maine Coast Guide Port Harbor Marine
Maine Shipyard
Front St.
South Portland, ME 04106
Known for years as the South Portland Shipyard, this is the country’s oldest working shipyard. Its weathered red and yellow sheds are on the southern, South Portland side of Portland Harbor, just to the west of Sunset Marina and couldn’t be more of a contrast. Massive marine railways haul boats to 400 tons, a 25-ton crane towers overhead, and Black Beauty crunches underfoot. This yard was one of two in South Portland to build Liberty Ships in record time and numbers for the war effort in the 1940s. Now under the management of George Drivas, its mainstay is still commercial work, but pleasure boats are an increasing part of its business. The yard can do major hull repairs and repairs to engines and rigs. Future plans call for the expansion of their dockage.
© Maine Coast Guide Maine Shipyard
Reo Marine
187 Sawyer St
South Portland, ME 04106
Reo Marine is located a couple of blocks inland from Sunset Marina. They specialize in powerboats. Their shop services outboards, outdrives, and inboards of all kinds, and they have a small ships’ store.
© Maine Coast Guide Reo Marine
South Port Marine
14 Ocean Street
South Portland, ME 04106
Fax: 207-767-5937
South Port Marine is the marina farthest into the harbor on the South Portland side of Portland Harbor, just before the Casco Bay Bridge crossing into Portland. It has the advantage of being closer to Portland by land than any of the other South Portland marinas, and it is within walking distance of the supermarkets at the Mill Creek Shopping Center. If your boat draws more than 4 1/2 feet, however, enter at half-tide or better, and follow the channel markers carefully.

The outside floats have 6 feet of depth at low and hook-ups for water, pump-outs, electricity to 50 amps, phone and cable. Boats can be hauled with the 60-ton boatlift for repairs to hull or engine. Showers, laundry, a small chandlery, and ice are ashore.
© Maine Coast Guide South Port Marine
Cove Boat Works
29 Brackett St
Portland, ME 04102
© Maine Coast Guide Cove Boat Works
Foggs Boatworks
120 Pickett St
South Portland, ME 04106
Long Island
Johnson's Boat Yard
88 Island Ave.Long Island, ME 04050207-766-3319
Falmouth Foreside
Handy Boat
215 Foreside Rd
Falmouth, ME 04105
Ch. 09; 207-781-5110
Founded more than fifty years ago as a boat yard in Falmouth Foreside, Handy Boat now offers almost every conceivable service including an elegant chandlery and the Hallett sail loft. Major repairs of all kinds can be performed, and facilities include ice, water, CNG, electricity, and holding tank pump-outs. There are two docks at Handy’s, the southern one for gas and diesel and the northern one for service, with 8 1/2 feet of water at the ends and 6 feet along the sides.
Handy Boat
Wilde Marine
15 Shirley Ln
Cumberland, ME 04021

Chebeague Island
Chebeague Island Boat Yard
P.O. Box 13
Chebeague Island, ME 04017
Chebeague Island Boatyard is one of those places where time has stood still. Boats are still hauled by tractor and cradled in a field that slopes gently to the beach. Kids plunge into the water off the float, and the smell of boat paint mingles with wafts of cut grass and salt air. Gas and water are available at the float, but depth is limited to 3 feet at low, so approach only at halftide or better. Diesel can be arranged by truck. The boatyard can handle repairs, and they rent moorings.
Royal River Boat Yard
307 Bayview St
Yarmouth, ME 04096
Fax: 207-846-6571
Royal River Boat Yard yard has been owned and managed by three generations of the Dugas family, whose grandfather started a small operation here many years ago. With a 50-ton boatlift and a 100-ton marine railway, the yard can make extensive repairs on both commercial and pleasure vessels in steel, fiberglass, or wood. Gas, diesel, water, ice, electricity, and holding-tank pumps are available at their fuel dock, the only one along the Royal River.
Royal River Boat Yard
Yankee Marina
142 Lafayette St
Yarmouth, ME
Ch. 09; 207-846-4326
Water, electricity, and pump-out facilities are available at the slips, but no fuel. Yankee can haul boats of most sizes and perform repairs of all kinds. The yard dredges alongside to 12 feet, and if you get stuck in the river, Yankee can tow you off. “We do a lot of that,” they say.
Yankee Marina
Yarmouth Boat Yard
Rt. 88
Yarmouth, ME 04096
Ch. 09; 207-846-9050
This yard specializes in smaller powerboats and outboards. Water and electricity are on the floats, and they have aa marine store with an extensive Evinrude/Johnson, OMC parts department. The yard has a 4-ton forklift for small boats and they can repair your engine or outboard or fix your wood or fiberglass hull.
Yarmouth Boat Yard
Greene Marine
Rt. 1
Yarmouth, ME 04096
Greene Marine is a fascinating yard located up the shallow Cousins River, several miles away by land from the anchorage on the Royal River. Walter Greene and his crew specialize in building and repairing world-class multihulls in composite-wood construction.
Greene Marine
Even Keel Marine
123 Even Keel Road
Yarmouth, ME 04096
Even Keel Boat Yard is tucked hard by Greene Marine on an upland point in the midst of Cousins River saltmarsh, off the Royal River in Yarmouth. Even Keel is the small yard of the sons of Carroll Lowell, fourth-generation boatbuilders. They can design and build you a boat or store or repair one you already have.
Even Keel Marine
South Freeport
Strouts Point Wharf Co
Main St
PO Box 95
South Freeport, ME 04078
Ch. 09, 16; 207-865-3899
Fax: 207-865-4407
Strouts Point Wharf Company has moorings and slips with 8 feet alongside at low in the busy Harraseeket River. Gas, diesel, water, electricity, and holding tank pump-outs are available as well as ice and showers ashore. Their marine store is in the wonderfully-designed little building by the docks. Boats are hauled with a 25-ton boatlift, and repairs of all kinds can be performed. Strout's is a Honda outboared dealer.
Brewer's South Freeport Marine © Maine Coast Guide Strouts Point Wharf Co
Falls Point Marine
3 S Freeport Rd
Freeport, ME 04032
Falls Point Marine occupies South Freeport's Dunning's Boatyard at Porter's Landing. They are specialists in marine challenges of all kinds.
Brewer's South Freeport Marine Falls Point Marine
Casey Yacht Enterprises
255 US Route 1 S
Freeport, ME 04032
Brewer's South Freeport Marine Casey Yacht Enterprises
Casco Bay Yacht Exchange
423 US Route 1
PO Box 413
Freeport, ME 04032
Fax: 207-865-0759
Casco Bay Yacht Exchange
Paul's Marina
Merepoint Road
Brunswick, ME 04011
Ch. 09; 207-729-3067
Paul’s Marina is located on the shores of Merepoint Bay. They have gas, water and pump-out facilities, but their floats have only a couple of feet of water at low. They store boats adn can arrange repairs. Their small general store carries basic marine supplies, ice, and delicious ice cream.
Paul's Marina
Smith Boatyard
1003 Mere Point Rd
Brunswick, ME 04011
Fax: 207-729-1018
© Maine Coast Guide
Dolphin Marine Services
515 Basin Point Rd
Harpswell, ME 04079
Fax: 207-833-5343
Dolphin Marine Services is a laid-back, locally-oriented marina and boatyard on Potts Harbor. They pump gas and diesel in and holding tanks out. Water is unavailable, however, because it is drawn from a well. Ice and a pay phone are ashore. Dolphin hauls boats to 40 feet with their hydraulic trailer and ramp, and a mechanic is on hand.
© Maine Coast Guide Dolphin Marine Services
Finestkind Boat Yard
11 Bristol Way
South Harpswell, ME 04079
Fax: 207-833-5894
Finestkind Boat Yard
Quahog Bay
Great Island Boat Yard
419 Harpswell Islands Rd.
Harpswell, ME 04079
Ch. 09; 207-729-1639
Fax: 207-729-1139
Great Island Boat Yard is in Orrs Cove, at the head of Quahog Bay. They haul boats to 50 feet and can perform most repairs. Their fuel dock has gas, diesel, water, pump-outs, and ice, but it is only 4 feet deep alongside at low. A chandlery and brokerage service is ashore.
Great Island Boat Yard
Oakhust Island Boatshop
Oakhurst Island Rd
Cundys Harbor, ME 04011
Oakhust Island Boatshop
Black Seal Boat Co
300 Old Portland Rd
Brunswick, ME 04011 Main Phone: 207-721-9771
Black Seal Boat Co
Stu's Marine Svc
5 Spring St
Brunswick, ME 04011
Stu's Marine Svc
New Meadows
New Meadows Marine
419 Harpswell Islands Rd.
Harpswell, ME 04079
Fax: 207-729-1139
The New Meadows Marina (443-6277) is a full-service marina near the head of New Meadows River, on the west bank at the Bath Road crossing. They can launch, haul, fix, or store your boat, or they can sell you a new one. Their chandlery and outboard parts department can fill almost any small-boat need.
New Meadows Marine
B & W Marine
RR 5
Cundys Harbor, ME 04011
Eastern Shore
  • Brewers Boatyard
    Sebasco, ME 04566
  • 207-389-1388
  • In the little indentation northeast of Harbor Island on Casco Bay's Eastern Shore, Brewer’s provides “moorings, salvage, railway service repairs, and dock building.” The yard hauls with a 35-ton hydraulic trailer and maintains some moorings in nearby Sebasco Harbor which they will rent if available. When asked if they monitor a VHF channel, they replied, “Half the time, we don’t even monitor the phone.”
    Brewers Boatyard
    Robert Stevens Boat Builder
    376 Hermit Island Rd
    Phippsburg, ME 04562
    Fax: 207-389-1794
    The idyllic little boat yard of Robert Stevens Boatbuilder hugs the banks of tricky Cape Small Harbor. Several years ago Robert Stevens built and launched a replica of a Viking knarr, which completed a voyage from Greenland to Newfoundland. Even if you are not going that far, they can help you with repairs, or in a pinch you may be able to launch a trailered boat from their ramp.
    Robert Stevens Boat Builder
    Bristol Boat Repair & Canvas
    367 Roosevelt Trl
    PO Box 67
    Casco, ME 04015
    Fax: 207-655-2171
    Lake Region Marine
    Roosevelt Trail
    PO Box 814
    South Casco, ME 04077
    Sheepscot Bay Boat
    HC 33 Box 415
    62 Old Schoolhouse Rd.
    Five Islands, ME 04548
    Fax: 207-371-2432
    Sheepscot Bay Boat Company’s docks and blue crane are in the northwest corner of the harbor of Five Islands. They have moorings and slips, two docks with 8 to 10 feet alongside, gas and diesel, and a small chandlery. The yard can repair engines, outboards, and hulls on boats to 30 feet.
    Sheepscot Bay Boat
    Robinhood Marine
    HC 33 Box 1460
    340 Robinhood Rd.
    Georgetown, ME 04548
    Ch. 09; 207 371-2525
    This large, full-service yard is in Riggs Cove, a small bight in the larger Robinhood Cove, off the Sheepscot River. It has every facility for the boat and can perform all types of repairs or even build you a new yacht. The fuel dock is midway along the floats with gas and diesel, ice, water, electricity, and sewage pump-out facilities. The water comes from a well, however, and may have a salty or minerally tinge. Taste before you tank.
    Robinhood Marine
    J K Chubbuck, Inc
    Chewonki Neck Rd
    144 Federal St
    Wiscasset, ME 04578
    Fax: 207-882-7522
    Boothbay Harbor
    Boothbay Region Boatyard
    P.O. Box 179
    Ebenecook Road
    West Southport, ME 04576
    Ch. 09; 207-633-2970
    Fax: 207 633-7144
    Boothbay Region Boatyard is a large, full-service boatyard in Maddock Cove on Southport Island. They pump gas and diesel. Water, ice, pump-out facilities, and 50-amp electrical service are available at the floats with 6 feet alongside at low. The yard hauls with a 50-ton boatlift and crane, and they can perform all types repairs. The chandlery carries charts and other marine supplies.
    Boothbay Region Boatyard
    Ocean Repair
    216 Cape Newagen Rd
    Southport, ME 04576
    Fax: 207-633-0766
    Ocean Repair
    Blake's Boatyard
    P.O. Box 220
    McKown Point Road
    West Boothbay, ME 04538
    Ch. 09; 207-633-5040
    Fax: 207- 633-5195
    Blake’s is a small yard tucked down in the western corner of Boothbay Harbor. Water and electricity can be obtained at the floats, but there is only 4 feet of depth at low. The yard has three marine railways and can perform most repairs. There is a well-stocked chandlery that carries charts and hardware.
    Blake's Boatyard
    Samples Shipyard
    120 Commercial St
    PO Box 462
    Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
    Ch. 09, 68; 207-633-3171
    Fax: 207-633-3824
    Sample’s Shipyard is recognizable in the outer portion of Boothbay Harbor by its yellow buildings and two marine railways. One of these is a 700-ton giant which regularly hauls huge windjammers and Coast Guard vessels. Samples has been around, they claim, “since almost forever.” During World War II they built wooden minesweepers, and for a while the shipyard was leased by the builders of Steve Dashew’s Deerfoot yachts. While the yard no longer builds ships, it has complete large-vessel repair facilities, including a machine shop. A mechanic is available at all times, and there is a chandlery. The yard maintains transient moorings, but they are quite exposed.
    Atlantic Boat Works
    65 Atlantic Ave
    Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
    Goodwin Woodworking
    Country Club Rd
    Boothbay, ME 04537
    Maine Yacht Service
    125 Atlantic Ave
    Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
    Ocean Point Marina
    P.O. Box 513
    Rt 96
    East Boothbay, ME 04544
    Ch. 09; 207-633-0733
    Ocean Point is the new name for C&B Marina. They pump gas and diesel along the north side of the floats, with 12 feet alongside. They have water, electricity, ice, transient dock space, and rental moorings. Showers, laundry facilities, a chandlery, and pump-out facilities are ashore, along with a restaurant on the docks. A 100-ton railway or a 25-ton boatlift and two cranes can pull you or your masts out for all types of repairs.
    Ocean Point Marina
    Hodgdon Yachts
    P.O. Box 505
    East Boothbay, ME 04544
    Fax: 207-633-4668
    Hodgdon Yachts, a custom boatbuilder of the largest scale and highest caliber, has recently acquired the boat sheds south of the Lobsterman's Wharf and Inn. They have a small ship's store and big sheds. This is the place to go for MAJOR projects.
    Hodgdon Yachts
    J.E. Jones Boat & Propeller
    P.O. Box 134
    Murray Hill Rd.
    East Boothbay, ME 04544
    Paul E. Luke
    HC 65 - Box 816
    Rt. 96
    East Boothbay, ME 04544
    The Luke yard is on the eastern shore of Linekin Bay. You will see several sheds on the eastern shore along with a crane, a dock, and a float—but no signs of any kind. Luke has several moorings and dock space with 15 feet of water at low. The yard has a large-capacity marine railway, a hydraulic trailer, and a full machine shop and can handle repairs of all kinds.
    Paul E. Luke

    Damariscotta and Newcastle

    Riverside Boat
    31 Liberty St.
    Newcastle, ME 04605
    Riverside Boat is about .75 miles downriver from the Damariscotta/Newcastle bridge on the west side of the river. You will see a small dock and float (which dries out at low), a marine railway, and a flagpole. Riverside Boat Company has to rate as one of the most authentic boatyards in all of Maine. Paul Bryant has taken over where his father left off, hauling classic boats with an old Model T, scrubbing them with a brush (what's a pressure washer?) and skidding their cradles across the yard on greased rails. Forms of past boatbuilding projects hang on the sides of the sheds, and sawdust and carefully stacked rough-sawn oak give away the saw that mills the lumber to make them. The railway can handle boats to about 40 feet for repairs.
    Riverside Boat
    Newcastle Marine
    Newcastle, ME 04553
    Newcastle Marine is located about half a mile from the river. They specialize in mechanical work on smaller boats, particularly outboards, but they are also well-versed in auxiliaries and electrical work.
    Newcastle Marine
    Farrin Boat Shop
    19 Sproul Rd
    Walpole, ME 04573
    Fax: 207-563-8963
    Chasse Co
    Route 1A
    Damariscotta, ME 04543
    South Bristol
    Gamage Shipyard
    56 Gamage Dr
    South Bristol, ME 04568
    Fax: 207-644-8273
    Gamage is west of the bridge on the north side of The Gut at South Bristol. Dockage with electricity and water are available, but no fuel. The yard no longer builds boats. Their huge marine railways are now blocked by the shallow-draft floats. But they have a 25-ton boatlift and can perform most hull and engine repairs. Many famous boats were designed and built at the Gamage yard, including the 95-foot gaff-rigged sloop Clearwater, used to spur the cleanup of the Hudson River.
    Gamage Shipyard
    Bittersweet Landing Boat Yard
    Landing Lane
    South Bristol, ME 04568
    This small yard is located on the sheltered south shore of The Gut. They have a hydraulic trailer and a private launching ramp. They haul and store boats to 40 feet, and they will tackle some hull and engine repairs and provide marine supplies.

    Pemaquid and New Harbor

    Pemaquid Marine
    155 Snowball Hill Rd.
    New Harbor, ME 04554
    Pemaquid Marine is located inland, off Beach Road, halfway between Pemaquid Harbor and New Harbor. They can help you with repairs, hauling, or storage.
    Round Pond
    Padebco Custom Boats
    Anchor Inn Road
    Round Pond, ME
    This family enterprise of Bruce and Paul Cunningham occupies the large gray building and shingled house farthest east along the waterfront of Round Pond. The yard builds the handsome line of Padebco power boats and also provides hauling, storage, repairs, and overland transport with their hydraulic trailer.
    Padebco Custom Boats
    Yacht Tender
    Lower Round Pond Rd
    PO Box 206
    Bristol, ME 04539
    Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding
    49 Knox Street
    Thomaston, ME 04861
    Fax: 207-354-8176
    Lyman Morse perches on the banks of the St. George where it makes a sharp bend to the west in Thomaston.This yard first became famous building John Alden’s Malabar schooners and Friendship sloops. Since then their reputation and repertoire has grown to include custom sail and power craft of the highest caliber. The yard can haul all sizes of boats and make repairs of all kinds. Their service floats near the eastern end of the waterfront have 10 feet alongside at low. Pump-outs and showers are available.
    Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding
    Jeff's Marine Service
    Wadsworth Street
    PO Box 236
    Thomaston, ME 04861
    Ch. 09; 207-354-8777
    Fax: 207-354-6951
    Jeff’s is hidden on the left side of Thomaston Harbor just before the fixed bridge. They have floats with water and electricity and 8 feet of water alongside at low. The yard specializes in the sale and repair of outboards and stern-drives and has a related chandlery.
    Jeff's Marine Service
    Tenants Harbor
    Tenants Harbor Boat Yard
    Barters Point Road
    Tenants Harbor, ME 04869
    Tenants Harbor Boatyard clings to the steep north shore of Tenants Harbor. It is owned by Jamie Wyeth and boatbuilder George Emery. In addition to maintaining and expanding the Wyeth fleet, the yard specializes in the construction and rebuilding of all types of wooden boats, hauled on their huge 100-ton railway or the smaller 20-ton. They have several moorings that may be available for rental.

    Spruce Head

    Spruce Head Marine
    PO Box 190
    36 Island Rd.
    Spruce Head, ME 04859
    Journey’s End Marine
    120 Tillson Ave
    Rockland, ME 04841
    Ch. 09, 18; 207-594-4444
    Journey’s End has floats both south and north of the Coast Guard pier in Rockland Harbor. Gas, diesel, water, and electricity are available at both docks. Depths range from 6 to 12 feet, with deeper water at the southern dock. The northern dock has pump-out facilities and is next to their office, chandlery, and showers. Transient dockage should be reserved. Journey’s End are mechanical specialists, but they can haul boats and perform repairs of most kinds. They are owned by the O’Hara Group, who in the early 1900s ran a fleet of fishing schooners out of Boston. They still are in the fishing business, with an Alaskan fleet and an ice-making plant in Rockland that supplies most of the Maine coast.
    Journey’s End Marine
    Knight Marine Service
    525 Main St.
    Rockland, ME 04841
    Ch. 09; 207-594-4068
    dock: 207-594-7216
    Knight’s is a full-service boatyard. They have moorings in the northwest corner of Rockland Harbor and a limited amount of dockage with 8 feet of water at the floats. Gas, diesel, water, and ice may be obtained here, and ashore there is a pay phone, a small chandlery, showers, and laundry facilities. The yard has a tugboat, 20 and 35-ton boatlifts, a hydraulic trailer, and a crane. They can handle most repairs.
    Knight Marine Service
    Rockland Harbor Boatyard
    19 Front St
    Rockland, ME 04841
    Fax: 207-594-4337
    Rockland Harbor Boatyard, located next to North End Shipyard on Front Street, is a full-service facility. They offer transients mooring rentals and water and pump-outs at their float. The yard can handle any type of repair on all vessels. Owner and marine surveyor Sam Slaymaker recently started International Classic Yachts here to buy, restore, and resell classic wooden yachts.
    Rockland Harbor Boatyard
    Ocean Pursuits Marine Services
    75 Front St.
    Rockland, ME 04841
    Fax: 207-596-9944
    Ocean Pursuits, on Front Street, is a full service boatyard run by Bill and Judy Cowan. They offer all types of boat repair, specializing in marine systems and electronic sales, service, and installation.
    Ocean Pursuits Marine Services
    Johanson Boatworks
    11 Farwell Drive
    Rockland, ME 04841
    Fax: 207-596-5656
    Art's Marine Service
    N Shore Dr
    Owls Head, ME 04854
    York's Marine
    11 Gordon Dr
    Rockland, ME 04841
    Rockport Marine
    P.O. Box 203
    Rockport, ME 04856
    Fax: 207-236-0758
    Taylor Allen’s expanded Rockport Marine specializes in building, restoration, and repair of wooden boats. They can, however, provide hull and engine repairs for boats of all kinds, and they have a 35-ton boatlift. In addition to dockage and moorings, the yard offers gas, diesel, water, pump-outs, and electricity at the floats, with 9 feet or more alongside. Ice and marine hardware are available.
    Wayfarer Marine
    P.O. Box 677
    Sea St.
    Camden, ME 04843
    Ch. 09, 71; 207-236-4378
    Fax: 207-236-2371
    Wayfarer’s docks and floats line the east side of Camden's inner harbor. The fuel dock pumps gas and diesel and has ice, water, electricity, and sewage pump-out. Ashore, all services are available. This is a major yard with a large staff of experienced craftsmen capable of repairs on wood, fiberglass, or metal hulls and on engines or electronics. On a site where ships have been built for a century or more, the yard has a 110-ton travelhoist, 80-ton and 35-ton hydraulic trailers a 35-ton rigging crane, and a beautiful yard tug, the Barbie D.. Wayfarer can also assist with Customs and Immigration for international arrivals wanting to use Camden as their landfall. Showers and laundry facilities are available for crew, and there is a good marine store, with charts.

    North Haven

    Thayers Y-Knot Boatyard
    1 Main St.
    RR 1 Box 668A
    North Haven, ME 04853
    Ch. 09; 207-867-4701
    Fax: 207-867-4702
    Thayer’s, with 15 employees, is North Haven’s largest business. The yard is on the eastern side of Southern Harbor. Red-and-green stakes mark a channel to the stone dock and floats. The channel is dredged to 3.5 feet at low. You can get water and electricity at the yard, and there is a chandlery, but no fuel. The yard has a 25-ton marine railway and boatlift and can handle most repairs, including diesel engines and electronics. A diver is also available if you happen to be unfortunate enough to need one. The description of owner Bud Thayer in the company literature reads, “You name it, he can do it.”
    J.O. Brown & Son
    Sea Side Lane
    North Haven, ME 04853
    Ch. 16; 207-867-4621
    Located east of North Haven's ferry landing, this yard was started in 1899 at the old clam and lobster processing factory. Fourth-generation Foy Brown is still building wooden boats here, ranging from traditional lobsterboats to a radical Phil Bolger design. In addition to their moorings, there is space alongside, in 5 feet of water at low. Gas, diesel, water, ice, and electricity may be obtained at the floats, and there is a chandlery. The yard has a 15-ton boatlift and can handle hull and engine repairs. Or you can do them yourself.


    Hopkins Boatyard
    West Main Street
    Vinalhaven, ME 04863
    Hopkins has no signs but it is recognizable by the 30-ton boatlift and the cradled boats on the west side of Vinalhaven's Carvers Harbor. The yard has some marine supplies and can do repairs. There is a small dock and a float with 8 feet alongside, but no fuel.


    Pendleton Yacht Yard
    525 Pendleton Point Rd
    Islesboro, ME 04848
    Ch. 09, 16; 207-734-6728
    Fax: 207-734-8314
    At the northern end of Ames Cove on Islesboro, Pendleton has a dock and float that dries out at low and has 5 or 6 feet alongside at high. Keep your eyes peeled for rocks when entering this part of Ames Cove. Gas and diesel are available. The yard has a boatlift and marine railway, and offers “major and minor repairs,” as well as a chandlery.
    Dark Harbor Boat Yard
    700 Acre Island
    Islesboro, ME 04848
    Ch. 09; 207-734-2246
    Fax: 207-734-8331
    Dark Harbor Boat Yard is on 700 Acre Island, west of Islesboro. It has gas, diesel, electricity, water, and ice at the floats, with about 6 feet alongside at low. There is a bit less depth in the approach to the floats, however, so choose a time other than dead low. The end of the ledge to the west is marked with a pipe. The yard has a chandlery, a 20-ton marine railway, a hydraulic trailer, and the ability to handle most repairs.
    For the crew, they have showers and laundry facilities.


    Belfast Boatyard
    PO Box 142
    Belfast, ME 04915
    Past the Belfast city landing and the tugboats on the south shore, Belfast Boatyard has 8 feet alongside the floats at low, with water, pump-outs, and electricity but no fuel. The yard offers storage, repairs, and marine supplies.
    Maine-Way Boat Works
    RR 2 Box 629
    Belfast, ME 04915
    Fax: 207-342-4000

    Penobscot River

    Devereux Marine
    Rt. 166
    Castine Rd.
    Penobscot, ME 04476
    Devereaux's floats are behind the rusting Squall, bought for $1 from the Coast Guard and sunk in Morse Cove as a breakwater.The floats are accessible only at higher tides, but they have water and electricity and pump-out facilities. The yard has a 30-ton boatlift and can perform hull, rigging, and engine repairs, or you can tackle them yourself. “And put in,” say Bill Stephenson and Andrea Doyle, “that we’re real nice.”
    Winterport Marine
    PO Box 130
    Water St.
    Winterport, ME 04496
    This full-service marina was once a ship dock, and the floats have 13 feet of water alongside at low. Gas, diesel, water, ice, electricity, pump-outs and marine supplies are available here. Winterport Marine has a full-time mechanic and can perform hull and engine repairs, with a 12-ton boatlift, a 100-ton marine railway, and a hydraulic trailer and ramp. The yard also offers towing and diving services. For the crew, Winterport Marine has a pay phone, showers, and a takeout.
    Mid-Coast Marine
    1076 N Main St
    PO Box 148
    Winterport, ME 04496
    Mid Coast Marine lies 2 miles up the Penobscot River from Winterport. This new facility has moorings and dockage as well as gas, water, and electricity. They can haul by hydraulic trailer and perform most repairs.
    Graves Dryland Marine
    6 Karr Ave
    Orrington, ME 04474
    Jackson Boat
    1265 State St
    Veazie, ME 04401
    Fax: 207-990-0733


    Eaton’s Boatyard
    P.O. Box 123
    Sea St.
    Castine, ME 04421
    Ch. 09, 16; 207-326-8579
    Fax: 207-326-4727
    Eaton’s dock and floats and big shingled shed are west of the Castine Yacht Club and just east of Dennett’s Wharf and the Castine ton docks. Their fuel dock, with 16 feet alongside at low, has gas and diesel, pump-outs, ice, and water. They have a marine railway and can handle hull and engine repairs. Call the yard for a tow if you end up on a nearby ledge. Ken Eaton’s workboat is said to be the hardest-working in Maine. The hull is 73-years young, and the engine is a mere 40. If you are lucky enough to be on Eaton’s docks, you’ll find Ken a gracious host. He’ll even cook lobsters for you in his boathouse.

    Cape Rosier

    Seal Cove Boatyard
    124 Horseshoe Cove Rd
    Harborside, ME 04642
    Ch. 09; 207-326-4422
    Fax: 207-326-4411
    Seal Cove Boatyard is tucked in the narrow head of rocky Horseshoe Cove. Owner Bob Vaughan specializes in the rebuilding and restoration of wooden boats and handles the usual storage and repairs. You are likely to see some great old classics at the moorings and up in the yard. The route from the mooring area to the yard is narrow and crooked. Don’t try it without someone from the yard to guide you. There is no fuel or ice, but water is available at the floats. The yard has mechanics for engine repairs, a large marine railway, and a 30-ton boatlift. Repairs can be made on wood and glass hulls.
    Eggemoggin Reach
    Benjamin River Marine
    Route 175
    Brooklin, ME 04616
    Fax: 207-359-2244
    This small, serious repair yard in the harbor of Benjamin River, off Eggemoggin Reach, has expanded its facilities on the east side of the cove. The yard hauls boats on a marine railway and provides storage and limited marine supplies. No fuel is available. There is water and electricity at the float, which dries out at extreme low tides.
    Brooklin Boat Yard
    P. O. Box 143
    Center Harbor Rd.
    Brooklin, ME 04616
    Fax: 207-359-8871
    Brooklin Boat Yard is in Center Harbor, off Eggemoggin Reach. It is owned by Steve White, the son of author E.B. White, has gained a reputation for designing and building boats of refined simplicity and classic grace in the aesthetic tradition of Herreshoff. In addition, the yard maintains or services the classics in the harbor. The yard has two marine railways and a 25-ton boatlift and can handle most repairs. There is water at the float, with 4 to 5 feet alongside at low, but no fuel.
    Flye Point Marine
    Flye Point Roa
    PO Box 13
    Brooklin, ME 04616
    Billings Diesel & Marine
    Moose Island Rd
    P. O. Box 67
    Stonington, ME 04681
    Ch. 09, 16; 207-367-2328
    Fax: 207-367-5925
    Billings is a very large yard in Stonington at the western end of the Deer Island Thorofare. The fuel float is located north of the large finger pier. At low tide, give the end of the pier a good berth as you enter. Gas, diesel, pump-outs, and ice are available, with 5 or 6 feet alongside at low. They can haul up to 425 tons with one of four marine railways, a 35-ton boatlift; or a 20-ton mobile crane. They can make hull and engine repairs of all kinds to wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum vessels. They have an extensive machine shop, an electronics shop, and a large chandlery. Curiously, they won’t touch outboards (do they know something we don’t?). A word of caution: a good part of the business at Billings comes from repairs to boats that have found Merchants Row the hard way—with their keels or props.

    Blue Hill Bay

    Raynes Marine Works
    E Blue Hill Rd
    Blue Hill, ME 04614
    Fax: 207-374-3232
    Raynes Marine Works is in a cove just west of Peters Point in Blue Hill Harbor. This small yard can haul boats up to 32 feet for storage and for hull, rigging, and engine repairs. The cove dries out at low, so call from the yacht club.
    Webbers Cove Boat Yard
    Morgan Bay Rd
    East Blue Hill, ME 04629
    207 374-2841
    Fax: 207 374-2176
    Webber’s Cove Boatyard is at the head of McHeard Cove in Blue Hill Bay. The floats of the boatyard are dry at low water. There is a 15-ton boatlift, and repairs can be made. Limited marine supplies are available, but no fuel or water.

    Bass Harbor

    Morris Yachts
    110 Granville Rd
    PO Box 395
    Bass Harbor, ME 04653
    Ch. 09; 207-244-5509, 5511
    Fax: 207-244-5866
    Morris Yachts is located near the mouth of the Bass Harbor, on the eastern side. While the Morris Yachts themselves are built inland, Morris operates its charter fleet here as well as running a full-service yard. They haul with a 30-ton boatlift and can handle repairs of all kinds. Water, electricity, and pump-outs are available at the floats, with 15 feet alongside at low, and they may install diesel pumps pending permits.
    Indalo Marine
    Ingall Rd
    Bernard, ME 04612
    James H Rich Boat Yard
    Route 102
    West Tremont, ME
    Fax: 207-244-7984
    Southwest Harbor and Manset
    Hinckley Company
    Hinckley Service
    130 Shore Rd
    Southwest Harbor, ME 04679 Ch. 09; 207-244-5531, 5572
    Fax: 207-244-9433
    Hinckley is located on the Manset shores of Southwest Harbor. In addition to building exquisite yachts, this major boatyard provides diesel, water, ice, pump-outs, and electricity at the floats with 10 feet alongside at low. Hinckley has a marine railway that can handle boats to 65 feet, a 20-ton crane, and a 70-ton lift, and they still are expanding their service facilities. Hull, rigging, electronics, metalworking, and engine repairs of all kinds can be made, or they can spray a new coat of gloss on your topsides. There is a well stocked ship’s store (244-2553), and showers, laundry, and a pay phone are right at the head of their dock.
    Manset Boathouse
    Little Isalnd Shore Rd
    PO Box 2
    Bass Harbor, ME 04653
    Marine Subcontractors, Inc.
    PO Box 228
    45 Forest Ln
    Southwest Harbor, ME 04679 207-244-4332
    Fax: 207-244-9754
    Manset Yacht Services
    Shore Road
    Manset, ME 04656
    Manset Yacht Services has rental moorings and water at their Manset floats for transients. They haul with a 40-ton boatlift and can handle general repairs, and they are a dealer for J-boats. Their real specialty is storage, and lots of it, in a huge, heated indoor storage shed.
    Southwest Boat
    168 Clark Point Road
    P.O. Box 260
    Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
    Fax: 207-667-4013
    Identifiable by its large marine railway tucked next to Southwest Harbor town dock, Southwest Boat specializes in steel boat work. Depending on their work load, they may have moorings or dockage, with depths of 10 to 12 feet and pump-outs.

    Somes Sound

    John M. Williams Co.
    Hall Quarry
    Mt. Desert, ME 04660
    Ch. 09; 207-244-7854
    Fax: 207-244-9912
    This custom boatbuilder and repair yard is located on the west side of Somes Sound at the old Hall Quarry. Williams builds the Stanley line of boats based on the lobsterboat hull form in various sizes. They also haul with a 30-ton boatlift and can make engine, hull, refrigeration, metalworking, and rigging repairs, or you can tackle them yourself. They have rental moorings for transients and a float with water. In a pinch, fuel can be delivered by truck. Don’t try to anchor here, depths drop off to over 100 feet!
    Henry R. Abel Yacht Yard
    P.O. Box 184
    Mt. Desert, ME 04660
    Fax: 207-276-5777
    The Abel yard is located on the northeast side of Somes Sound, just beyond white-and-orange can “10” where the chart indicates a marine railway. The yard has several floats, with 7 feet reported alongside. Water, electricity, and ice are available, but no fuel. This spotless yard handles hull repairs and painting in its large sheds, including one for spray-painting. It has two boatlifts, of 35 and 50 tons. Engine repairs can be arranged.
    Northeast Harbor
    Mount Desert Yacht Yard
    Northeast Harbor, ME 04662
    Mount Desert Yacht Yard is at the northwestern end of Northeast Harbor, the yard has moorings and dockage for its customers, but they are occasionally available to others. There is 6 or 7 feet alongside at low, with water and electricity but no fuel. The yard hauls with two boatlifts and a crane, and they can perform hull and engine repairs.
    Eden Yacht Maintenance
    PO Box 1121
    Northeast Harbor, ME 04662
    Cranberry Islands
    Newman and Gray Boatyard
    Mayton Rd.
    Spurling Cove
    Great Cranberry Is., ME 04625
    Originally from Southwest Harbor, Jarvis Newman and Ed Gray have built a year-round yard with sheds, a marine railway, and boatlift to the east of the town wharf. They build new boats and do all kinds of repairs.
    Cranberry Island Boatyard
    P.O. Box 129
    Great Cranberry Is., ME 04625
    Cranberry Island Boat Yard is located on the east side of the island on the tricky cove known as The Pool. They maintain the local fleet and build the elegant Western Way dinghies and a jet boat and they can probably help you if you need repairs. Ask for their help before entering The Pool.

    Frenchman Bay

    Bar Harbor Boating Co.
    Point Lookout Rd.
    Hulls Cove, ME 04644
    On the north side of Hulls Cove, Bar Harbor Boating has gas, water, and electricity at the floats, with 6 feet alongside at low. They have a marine railway and can handle hull repairs.
    Elk Spar & Boat Shop
    577 Norway Dr
    RR 2 Box 3640
    Bar Harbor, ME 04609
    Lake & Sea Boatworks
    204 Knox Rd
    Bar Harbor, ME 04609
    Fax: 207-288-5532
    Misty Mountain Boat Shop
    RR 1 Box 388
    Hancock, ME 04640
    West Cove Boat Yard
    Waukeag Avenue
    Sorrento, ME 04677
    Ch. 07; 207-422-3137
    West Cove Boat Yard is a custom builder of wooden boats in Sorrento on Frenchman Bay. It has a 20-ton marine railway plus a 15-ton crane and can do hull and engine repairs.
    Winter Harbor Marina
    Sargent Street
    Winter Harbor, ME 04693
    Ch. 09; 207-963-7449
    Warren Pettegrow has transformed Winter Harbor Marine into an easy and convenient cruising destination. Their floats are in Henry Cove, with 6 feet at low, have water, diesel and gas on tap as well as pump-out facilities and electricity. They haul with a hydraulic trailer and can handle most repairs, including outboards. The yard has ice and a small chandlery and showers and laundry facilities and is a short walk to the town of Winter Harbor.
    Jonesport Shipyard
    PO Box 214
    Jonesport, ME 04354
    Ch. 09, 16; 207-497-2701
    Jonesport Shipyard is located east of the Jonesport town floats near the head of the harbor. They can haul and repair boats up to 17 tons or 45 feet, and they provide showers, laundry, and ice. Don’t be tempted to reach the shipyard by boat, or you’ll find the bottom instead.
    Pettegrow Boat Yard
    HRC 70, BOX 444
    Bucks Harbor, ME 04655
    This unpretentious yard in Starboard Cove has rental moorings, limited marine supplies, charts, and a 90-ton marine railway, but no fuel. They are capable of hull and engine repairs. This is the last boatyard until you reach Eastport and one of the least expensive in Maine.
    Moose Island Marine
    Deep Cove Rd
    PO Box 105
    Eastport, ME 04631
    yard 207-853-9692
    Moose Island Marine is across the street from Eastport's breakwater. Their boatyard isnearby on Deep Cove. Owner Dean Pike handles all sorts of dockside service, particularly mechanical repairs. The chandlery offers the largest selection of marine supplies and fasteners east of Mount Desert Island, including charts, courtesy flags, outboards, and Volvo parts.
    Cobscook Bay Boatworks
    P.O. Box 183 Brewster Rd.
    Eastport, ME 04631
    Despite the name, this new operation is located in Eastport, in the northern part of town, on Harris Cove, off Western Passage. They specialize in the restoration, repair, and new construction of wooden boats, but they can handle all kinds of repairs, and they are a Yanmar dealer. Plans are under way for a 120-ton marine railway and a full-service marina, with slips, moorings, pump-outs, showers, and laundry.
    Saint John Marina
    2050 Westfield Rd
    Saint John, NB E2M 6N1
    Fax: 506-738-2007
    Saint John Marina is a full-service facility in Ketepec on the Saint John River's Grand Bay. They pump gas and diesel and have water, electricity, pump-outs, and ice at the floats with 8 feet of water alongside. They haul boats with a crane and do engine, hull, rigging, and outboard repairs. Their store sells marine hardware and charts.Showers and a pay phone are ashore for the crew, as well as a volleyball court and a licensed restaurant and lounge.
    Millidgeville Marine
    1034 Millidge Avenue
    Saint John, NB E2K 2P6



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