Contributors: A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast.
copyright, updated June/2009

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A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast is the result of hard work, support, encouragement, and careful observations and comments from many cruisers. Please, if you notice any errors or ommissions or changes along the coast contact us. Thank you for keeping the Guide the most accurate and reliable source of Maine cruising information. Please forgive us if we have inadvertently missed anyone.

Ellie Adams
Alex Agnew
Katherine E. Alexander
Dan Amory
Todd Anderson
Andrew Anderson-Bell
John Armitage
George Armstrong
Morton Asbjornsen
Jerry Axler
Steve Bailey
Betsey Basch
George and Louise Bates
Chip Bauer
Peter Bixler
Ken Black
Frank Blair
Sterling Blake
Bruce Board
Tim Bogel
Roger Bohl
Cynthia Bourgeault
Trump Bradley
Kathy Brandes
C.H. Breedlove
Ann Bresnahan
David Brewbaker
Malcolm Burgess
John Burke
Phil Burling
John Burns
Roland Burns
Page and Betsy Burr
Tom Cabot
Nigel Calder
Bill Caldwell
T. Caplow
Bill Carpenter
Michael Carr
John Carter
Bob and Cythia Carter
Dick and Louise Cartier
Carol Cartier
Jane Cave
John and Connie Cermak
Mickey Chasse
Manu Chaterjee
Gregoire Cheseaux
Philip Conkling
Carroll S. Connard
Paul and Kym Cournoyer
Leslie Cowperthwaite
Tom Cox
Dick Crossman
Philip Crossman
Wayne Curtis
Mark Czerwinski
James Davies
Lev Davis
Mike deLesseps
Ed Dietrich
Bill Dill
David Hibbs Donnan
Mary Maynard Drake
Allen Dugas
Tom Dugas
Aubin Dupree
Paul Dunn
Vicki Dyer
Jon Eaton
Bob and Mary Eddy
Bobby Edwards
Avner Eisenburg
David and Beth Enggren
Jack Farrell
James Farrell
Stuart Farnum
Wallace Feldman
Robert Feeley
Charlie Foote
Roger Ford
Lincoln Fuller
Bob and Barbra Furman
Maggie Gardiner
George and Jack Gardiner
Pat Gardner
Edwin A. Garrett IV
Dave Getchell
Stuart Gillespee
Dan Gilmore
Alice and Ed Girvin
Gerard A. Glass
Robert Godfrey
Marjorie and Bill Goettle
Donna Gold
Charles Goldberg
Paul and Betsy Gosselin
Sys and Lyt Gould
Rory Grant
Kris Greene
Lisa and Bob Halpin
G. Ernest Hamilton
Missy Hatch
John R. Haug
Jim and Jane Hawkins
Peter and Betty Heimann
Lenice Hirschberger
Betsy and George Hess
Ellen Higgins
Richard Hill
John H. Hilpman
Lenice Hirschberger
Bill Hoadley
Howie and Bunny Hodgson
Emmett Holt
Bob Howard
John Howarth
Albert and Sue Hutchinson
Gerald and Dianne Ingersoll
Dave Jackson
Stuart Jones
Tom Judge
William and Judy Kao
Steven Katona
Rond Klodenski
Greg Knight
J and Marci Kolb
Steve Kress
Sharon Lawrence
Lance Lee
Joel and Jane Leighton
Barbara Leiter
Dan Levine
Ray Leonard
Chuck Liebow
Chris Lippincott
Robert Long
Andrew and Cherie Lorant
Rod MacBain
Tom MacNaughton
Bill Mather
Sandy Marsters
Allen Martin
Bob Martin
Stephen A. Mayotte
Jim Mays
John Maul
Nancy McBride
Steve McInnes
Tom McCarthy
Sims McGrath
Brian McKenny
John Melchner
Robert Mirman
Dave and Ann Montgomery
Claudia Morner
Steve Morris
Tom Motley
Molly Mulhern
John Murphy
Alice Mutch
Ed Myers
Rodney Myrvaagnes
Robert Nichols
Andy Nixon
David and Kim Norton
Andy Oldman
Louis Orlando
Caitlin Bunker Owen
Kathy Owen
Bill Page
Herbert Parsons
Bill, Judy, and Jim Payne
Jim and Nancy Payne
Stan Pearson
Ken Pecci
Rick Perry
Wayne Pettegrow
Charles A. Pfeffer
Jean and Harvey Picker
Frederick Pierce
Dean Pike
Richard Podolosky
Dave and Cindy Pomerantz
Chip Porter
Warren Price
George Putz
Peter Ralston
William Redfern
W. Kirk Reynolds
Sarah and Andy Rheault
Gail Rice
Ken Rich
Willy Rich-Smith
John and Laurette Rindlaub
Winter Robinson
Paul and Marty Rogers
Steve and Jeanne Rollins
Bob and Karen Rooks
Patty Ryan
Bob and Susan St. John Rheault
Elaine Ruback
Jack Sanford
David Schmanska
Aaron Scharff
Henry Scheel
David Schick
Ceto and Cynthia Selinger
Lucy Bell Sellers
Richard G. Seyman
Molly Sheau
Ned Shenton
David Sheppard
David Shipler
Frank Simon
Robert Skoglund
Al Smith
Bill and Gerie Smith
Clyde Smith
Doug Smith
Joseph Snider
Frank Snyder
Phil and Fran Snyder
William F. Spang
Margie Spencer-Smith
John W. Spinner
John Spofford
Sherm Stanley
Dr. Clarke Staples
John and Barbra Staples
Mike and Judy Stein
Jim Sterling
Karen Stimpson
Roger Sullivan
David N. Taft
Ed Taft
Rudy Talbot
Rodger Taylor
Pricilla Taylor
Dick Taylor
Brooks Thomas
Bruce Thomas
Dave Thomas
Michael Thompson
Bill Thorndike
Anthony Tietze
Will and Barbra Turner
George and Marie Underwood
Richard Verge
Jack and Gina Wallace
Dick and Ginny Walters
Priscilla Weatley
Watt Webb
Bob Weiler
Roberta Wells
Nils Wessell
Patty Wharton
Shelley Whelan
Hank and Marion White
Robert White
John Whitman
Bernie Wideman
Tim Williams
C. Pen Williamson, Jr.
Willard Wight
Throop and Trink Wilder
Peter and Betty Willauer
Jack and Ann Williams
Patten Williams
Dianne Wienke
Jon Wilson
Dick Winchell
Eric Wolman
Alfred Wood
Gratian and Barbra Yatsevitch
Peter Yesmentes
Brad Young
Bill and Caroline Zuber


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